Come On Baby Light My Fire!

Fire dates back to caveman times. It's provides light and warmth. It cooks our food. Candles are a way to bring fire into our lives for other reasons. The flickering light of candles add ambience, romance and fragrance to our world. But what kind of candles will light up your world? Here are some options:

Candles for dinnertime

Choose unscented candles around food. You've spent all day cooking a spectacular meal, don't cover up the aroma with the scent of candles. Unscented tapers, votives and tea lights are best. They add elegance and make the meal feel like a celebration. When purchasing tapers, look for ones that are dripless. This will prevent a waxy mess on your table when dinner is over. When purchasing votive and tea lights, keep burn time and cleanup in mind. Some tea lights come in disposable clear plastic containers that are almost invisible and can be tossed when they are used up. 

Scented candles for a pleasing fragrance

Jar candles are usually the best bet for providing fragrance and hiding odors. They work equally well in the bathroom, kitchen and pet areas. Choose scents and colors that you like and that match the location. For example; you might use a citrus or herb candle in the kitchen and a fresh clean scent in a pet area. You may also want to consider a soy candle. Candles made from soy wax are healthier because they don't release petroleum soot into the air. They also burn more evenly and release more fragrance.


Candles for ambience and romance

When choosing a candle for your living room of bedroom, think about the appearance of the candle. Many candles come in decorative containers that can complement your decor. You can also purchase a candle that mimics the flame in a fireplace. "Ribbonwick" candles flicker like a real fireplace and are also scented. "Woodwick" candles lightly crackle as they burn, adding to the ambience.


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