One Essential Tip For Hanging Pictures

Deciding where to place your pictures is the single most important aspect of hanging your art. Most people hang pictures too high. Perhaps you've had the experience of walking into someone's home and the art looks like it's trying to avoid high water. Art is always better lower than higher. But before you get to the "how" of hanging art, it's important to know "where" to place your art. The answer is simple and may surprise you. Hang your pictures at eye level! Here are the details:

When deciding what is "eye level", keep in mind the average person may not be your height. I'm over six feet tall so when I hang art, I place it at eye level for the average person. This is usually about 60" from the floor.

No matter how large the picture frame, place the center of the art at eye level. When hanging 2 frames (one above the other), take the center of the total height for both pieces and make that eye height. The same goes for groupings. Try to place the center of the grouping at eye level.

Also keep in mind whether you are standing or sitting. The eye level in a hallway is much different that in a living room or dining room. In mostly seated areas lower your art slightly to be closer to a seated eye level.

When hanging your pictures over a mantel or piece of furniture, the eye level rule does not work. Try to place the bottom of the frame approximately 6"-12" above to top of the furniture.  Use the higher number if you have items sitting on the surface, or the lower number if the surface is clear.

Remember that no matter what advice you choose to follow, it's your home and your personal style. When in doubt, always do what you think looks best! If you have questions or need help, contact Reed at Masten Fine Framing & Gifts. He can provide you with answers to all your framing questions.