Tie One On...

Scarves are a versatile and stylish way to accessorize any outfit. From casual to dressy, a well-chosen scarf can make quite a difference, transforming a plain look to pulled-together-fabulous!

Scarves come in many fabric choices. Heavier weight scarves can keep you warm during the winter while light weight scarves can accentuate a simple T-shirt or sundress during the warmer months. Some scarves can be worn in any season.

Pashiminas Are Very Soft
Pashminas Come in a Rainbow of Colors

Year-Round Scarves

Pashmina scarves come is a variety of weights and are good year-round. Available in almost every color of the rainbow, they coordinate nicely with a coat, jacket or sweater. Unlike wool, Pashmina scarves are woven with a natural fiber similar to Cashmere that won't irritate the skin. They are generally solid colors which takes the guess work out of selecting one as a gift. As long as you know the recipient's color palette, you can choose one that will be complimentary and worn often.

Girl in knit winter scarf
Girl with cashmere scarf

Winter Scarves

A nubby textured scarf or Cashmere scarf can dress up a coat or sweater in the cool weather. Knit generally feels more casual while Cashmere scarves feel more dressy.  Cashmere is extremely soft and warm and comes in infinite colors and weaves from neutral and conservative to bright and contemporary. Because winter scarves are functional and beautiful, they make perfect gifts.


How to tie a scarf

Changing the Look of A Scarf

Soft scarf draping

The way a scarf is worn can dramatically change its look. There are many ways to tie and wear a scarf. Above is one example of a style worn close to the neck. Below is a loose flowing look. Notice that the black T-shirt on the model is basically the same in both pictures, and yet, the outfit looks totally different with a different scarf choice.

The following video will inspire you by showing some simple yet stunning ways to wear a scarf.

Masten Fine Framing & Gifts carries a beautiful and varied selection of scarves. Stop by anytime to see what's new. We're always happy to make suggestions to help you find just the right scarf. We can also help demonstrate some fun ways to tie your scarf to make it a versatile wardrobe staple.




Source: mastenonline.blogspot.com